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The finances required by our clients, both in India and Overseas,  can be arranged by us. We, can arrange the finances required by you to meet your ever increasing business requirements. Consultations are available to make assessment of your business needs for finance for Fixed Assets, Increase in Working Capital and your expansion plans.

Over the past several years of experience, We, have come to acquire an expertise which helps promoters of projects to successfully answer the following ten questions in the minds of prospective investors:

  • A lucid description of the business opportunity.

  • The strength of the management team.
  • An existing and extended global market for the product or service.
  • A win-win financial plan.
  • A study of the customer acceptability for the product or service.
  • Strengths of promoters over existing and potential competition.
  • The milestones achieved.
  • A realistic assessment of the investment requirements.
  • An approximate valuation of the company.
  • Easy accessibility of the management to the potential investors.

The answers are achieved over a period of time as the company and the management are readied from the zero-stage to the IPO stage through sustained interaction by means of the internet and the mail modes of communication.

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