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 Why Outsource To Mistry & Shah: india

Keeping the books and running a successful business today isn’t as simple as it used to be. Mistry & Shah is a practitioner based in India in outsourcing industry sharply focused in providing back office services to its clients across the globe in the areas of Finance, Accounting and Taxation Outsourcing. We provide a wide range of outsourcing services to meet your company’s accounting, tax, financial management and consulting needs. Our services allow you to concentrate on what you do best while leaving specialized support functions to us. We offer cost-effective, high quality accounts processing services to provide you with a peace of mind to focus on your company’s strategic initiatives. It is this focus, on cost competitiveness and quality, which is the driving force behind our work.

We believe that an in-depth understanding of each client's business is essential to provide excellent services. The operating style and requirements of the client's organization are distinctive and demand professionals who understand and respect their corporate culture and business practices, and who can work effectively with them.

 Benefits of Outsourcing To Mistry & Shah: india

  • A superior offshore facility
  • The ability to utilize our local operations keeps us — and you — flexible
  • Avoiding middlemen improves cost, service, and accountability
  • Cost-effective, Reliable & Accurate accounts process services
  • Customized solution to meet every individual’s need
  • Our stringent security policy ensures the confidentiality of data
  • Skilled Manpower: The staff has ample experience in the field of accountancy
  • Training is provided to staff on every new assignment
  • Elimination of the headache of recruiting, hiring and managing accounts staff
  • The ability to focus on strategic, pertinent finance issues instead of non-value added activities
  • The software being used for doing outsourced bookkeeping & accounting work are QuickBooks, Quicken, Myob, Sage, Creative Solutions Accounting or any other as per the need and choice of the Client
  • Increase in quality of accounting services
  • Immediate savings in time and substantial savings in cost to the order of 40 to 60%
  • More time available to focus on new client relationships and more lucrative tasks
  • Service levels are constantly tracked and improved over time
  • Well documented policies and processes
  • Organized handling of paperwork
  • Disaster recovery will be much easier as all information is digitized
  • We adhere to fair labor practices

 Industry Specialization: india

We have worked for a variety of clients from the different walks of life in United States and United Kingdom. Following are the few businesses to name:-

  • Restaurants Company
  • Landscaping Company
  • NGOs
  • Company with sale of online business literature and online periodicals
  • Service Providing Company
  • Construction Company
  • Grocery Stores
  • Painting, Cleaning & Janitorial Companies
  • Auto & Trucking Companies
  • Jewelers Business
  • Masonry/contractor company
  • Gift Stores
  • Carpentry business
  • Beauty Salons
  • Printer/Graphics Business
  • Real Estate Business
  • Pets & Animals
  • Lawn Service & accessory
  • Legal Service Provider
  • CPA Firms
  • Rental Business Company
  • Travel Agency
  • Newspaper

Our industry knowledge, achieved through continuous training and experience, is built on a foundation of technical excellence - a pre-requisite for all our professional staff.  Our industry specialization gives us a hands on experience of a variety of environments.

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