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In financial accounting, a cash flow statement or statement of cash flows is a financial statement that shows a company's incoming and outgoing money (sources and uses of cash) during a time period (often monthly or quarterly). The statement shows how changes in balance sheet and income accounts affected cash and cash equivalents, and breaks the analysis down according to operating, investing, and financing activities. As an analytical tool the statement of cash flows is useful in determining the short-term viability of a company, particularly its ability to pay bills.

Cash Flow Management has a key role in the success of any business; it is equally important as your business's ability in delivering goods or services. Maintaining a healthy cash flow is a challenging task for most businesses. We offer a wide range of cash-flow management solutions that assists you in effectively managing the cash flow of your business.

Narrowing, or closing, cash flow gaps are vital to cash flow management. Analyzing the components such as accounts receivable, accounts payable, credit terms, credit policy and Inventory helps to identify the problematic areas that lead to cash flow gaps for your business. We can analyze all the components that affect the timing of your cash inflows and cash outflows.

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